Look at the exact location of the Hotel Geotel Calama. It is located very near the Atacama Desert, the Cobija street, close to one of the most important roads in the city, Avenida Granaderos, located two blocks from the Plaza de Armas, and the financial and commercial sector of the city.

From the hotel you can easily visit the Calama Cathedral and a short distance away from the Zorros del Desierto Stadium, as well as the rest of the city's points of interest; in addition to offering direct connection to the exit that leads to the town of San Pedro de Atacama. About 25 minutes on foot (about 9 minutes by car) you can reach the bus terminal and the Calama Airport is 10 minutes by car. Other nearby places worth a visit are El Loa Park and the Chuquicamata Mine (the largest open pit mine in the world).

Chuquicamata Mine

Chuquicamata Division is an open pit copper and gold mine. It is located 15 km north of Calama, in the Antofagasta Region. It is considered the largest of its kind in the world and is currently undergoing an important transformation process.

La Poruña Volcano

From a geological point of view, this perfect cone of approximately 150m. of unevenness (and its 8km lava flow to the west that dates back to its formation), is a clear example of a scoria cone, the product of a unique eruptive event and which currently does not present any type of activity.

Mall Plaza Calama

Mallplaza is one of the main shopping center chains in Latin America. It has dedicated itself to creating meeting spaces and meaningful places for the community. Its purpose is to improve people's quality of life, generating meeting spaces and memorable experiences.

Marina del Sol Casino

The Talcahuano Marina del Sol Casino is the largest entertainment and casino complex in Chile, according to the number of hectares on which it is located and its facilities. It is located in the commune of Talcahuano, Concepción, VIII Region of Biobío.

San Juan Bautista Cathedral

Neo-Gothic style, interior with three naves, separated by columns, joined at the top with ogives that support the vaulted ceiling with visible trusses. The benches are made of wood, with a capacity for 320 people. On the main altar the images of Saint John the Baptist and the Immaculate Conception stand out.

San Mateo Cathedral

The Cathedral of San Mateo de Osorno, which is located in the surroundings of the Plaza de Armas of Osorno, is considered an architectural jewel of ogival style, and a tourist site of the city of Osorno. Its author is the Chilean architect León Prieto Casanova.
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